Experience 24 hours of daylight

The Far North location of Utqiagvik means that at some points in the year, the city sees 24 hours of daylight. Watch the sun circle low over the horizon without ever dipping below it. Between May 10 and sunset on Aug. 2, visitors can soak up vitamin D all night long. Anyone who needs darkness to get their beauty sleep will need to close the shades or bring a sleeping mask because the stars won’t be coming out during this time of year. Due to the earth’s tilt, the Northern Hemisphere is facing the sun all summer long, accounting for the extra hours of daylight. It’s no surprise that Alaska is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. Experiencing a night that never gets dark is truly amazing. Oftentimes, people completely lose track of time and it can quickly become 11 p.m. or later when visitors realize they haven’t even begun to feel tired!

See More Attractions

Guided tours of the area can include polar bear and snowy owl viewing. Plus, keep an eye out for migratory birds.


This unique opportunity should be on every traveler’s bucket list.


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