Visitors looking to reel in a trophy salmon can try their luck at angling in Ketchikan’s backyard, the Tongass National Forest. The Tongass National Forest is home to dozens of freshwater lakes and streams as well as miles of fishing grounds. Travelers are also welcome to fish for salmon off the bridge next to Creek Street. This iconic location is a perfect spot to drop a line right outside of town.

Visiting anglers won’t necessarily need a guide to catch a fish in Ketchikan, though it is recommended as local experts have the insider knowledge of how the fish fight in those waters. Outfitters in Ketchikan provide everything from camping gear to kayaks, boats and rain gear—meaning visitors will have everything they need for a successful fishing outing.

If you’re looking for a more remote experience and setting, try booking a trip to fly to one of the secret fishing holes located around Ketchikan. Local guides know first-hand where the best fishing streams, trout lakes and salmon spots are located. They will make sure your catch can make it to your freezer back home, giving you a taste of your summer trip to Alaska all year long.

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All aboard for a scenic, unhurried day cruise gliding along the lush coastline with ample time to spot wildlife on land and sea.


This staple of Ketchikan is an ode to its logging history and will wow you with its axe-wielding, log-rolling feats.


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