See Salmon Returning

Hatcheries across Alaska help to support sustainable salmon runs year after year. The Solomon Gulch Hatchery was built in 1981 and released its first pink salmon fry in 1982. Since then, salmon have continuously returned to the hatchery, making the trip upstream before entering the facility using a fish ladder. Solomon Gulch Hatchery sees one of the earliest pink salmon runs in the vicinity. Onlookers can watch as waves of salmon fight their way upstream. With hundreds of salmon swimming by, it’s no surprise that other wildlife are drawn to the area as well. The area around Solomon Gulch Hatchery is one of the only places in the state that is accessible by road where people are almost sure to see a bear (or three) any day of the week. Other wildlife making frequent appearances are sea lions and eagles.

See More Attractions

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is only a two-hour drive away and Keystone Canyon on the Richardson Highway is a site to behold.


There is plenty to do and see in the snowiest place in Alaska.


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