Spot Wildlife and Tour Glaciers

There is no shortage of wildlife in this coastal community. Prince William Sound is full of marine animals, such as seals, sea lions, humpback and orca whales and more! Bald eagles can often be spotted flying overhead and black and brown bears can be seen eating their fill of fish and berries in the area on occasion.

In addition to wildlife viewing, check out the abundance of glaciers in the surrounding area.

Located on the Richardson Highway in Thompson Pass, Worthington Glacier is easily accessible and impossible to miss. Walk up the paved and well-packed gravel trails to a viewing platform, and even right up to the glacier, or book a tour to get up close and inside its big, blue ice caves.

Located only a few miles from town, in the winter visitors can walk across an icy lake to get right up to the face of Valdez Glacier. In the summer, rent a kayak or canoe or book a tour to make the easy paddle to the face of the glacier. It’s not uncommon to float by some pretty impressive icebergs along the way.

Columbia Glacier is the fastest-moving glacier in Alaska. Take a day cruise to Columbia Glacier for a truly exciting experience. Visitors are almost sure to see ice calve and float by huge icebergs on the journey.

See More Attractions

There is plenty to do and see in the snowiest place in Alaska.


Ocean charters and freshwater fly-fishing offer plenty of fishing opportunities.


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